2007 Honda Civic Coupe Specifications2006 Acura
Engine Type16-valve, DOHC, 2.0-liter, i-VTEC 4-cylinder16-valve, DOHC, 2.0-liter, i-VTEC 4-cylinder
Engine Block/Cylinder HeadAluminum alloy with cast-in iron linersAluminum alloy with cast-in iron liners
Cylinder HeadAluminum alloy with 4 valves-per-cylinder pent-roof combustion chambersAluminum alloy with 4 valves-per-cylinder pent-roof combustion chambers
Displacement (cc)122.1 cu. in. (1998 cc)122.1 cu. in. (1998 cc)
Horsepower* @ rpm (SAE J1349 procedures revised August, 2004.)197 @ 7800201hp @ 7800 rpm SAE Net (Rev 8/04)
Torque* (lb.-ft. @ rpm)139 @ 6100140 lb.-ft. @ 7000 rpm SAE Net (Rev 8/04)
Redline (rpm)80008100 rpm
Bore and Stroke (mm)3.39 in. x 3.39 in. (86 mm x 86 mm)3.39 in. x 3.39 in. (86 mm x 86 mm)
Compression Ratio11.0:111.0:1
Valvetraini-VTEC intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, DOHC, 4-valves-per-cylinder, chain-driven camshafts and variable timing control (VTC)i-VTEC intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control, DOHC, 4-valves-per-cylinder, chain-driven camshafts and variable timing control (VTC)
Exhaust manifoldStainless Steel Exhaust Manifold 
Multi-Point Fuel InjectionProgrammed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
ThrottleDrive-by-Wire Throttle System(TM) 
Alternator 110-amp max
Battery 12V, maintenance-free
Front-Wheel DriveTransverse-mounted, front engine, front-wheel driveTransverse-mounted, front engine, front-wheel drive
CARB Emissions RatingLEV II LEVLEV-2 (Low Emissions Vehicle-II) emissions control
Federal Emissions RatingTier 2 / Bin 5 
Ignition SystemDirect Ignition System with ImmobilizerDirect ignition system
Tune-up interval100,000-Mile or More Tune-Up Interval 
 Close-Ratio 6-Speed Manual TransmissionClose-Ratio 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Gear Ratios 1st: 3.2671st 3.267
  2nd: 2.1302nd 2.130
 3rd: 1.5173rd 1.517
 4th: 1.1474th 1.147
 5th: 0.9215th 0.921
 6th: 0.6596th 0.738
 Reverse: 3.583Reverse 3.583
 Final Drive: 4.765Final 4.765
DifferentialHelical Limited-Slip Differentialopen
Body TypeSteel unit bodySteel unit body
Front SuspensionMacPherson Strut Front SuspensionFully independent Control-Link MacPherson strut
Rear SuspensionDouble Wishbone Rear SuspensionFully independent compact double-wishbone with coil springs and stabilizer bar
Stabilizer Bar (mm., front )281.04 inch x .14 inch wall thickness - (26.5 mm) x (3.5 mm)
Stabilizer Bar (mm.,  rear)1783 inch (21 mm)
Shock Absorbers Progressive-valve gas-pressurized
Steering - typeElectric  Power-Assisted Rack-and-Pinion SteeringVariable, speed sensitive rack-and-pinion power steering
Steering Wheel Turns, Lock-to-Lock2.652.59
Steering Ratio13.62:114.9:1
Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb  (ft.)35.638.1ft. (11.6 m)
Braking SystemFour-wheel disc brakes with ABSFour-wheel disc brakes with ABS
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) 3-channel system with four wheel sensors
Front Discs11.8Ventilated, 11.8 in. (300 mm) diameter; .98 in. (25mm) rotor thickness
Rear Discs10.2Solid, 10.2 in. (260 mm) diameter; .35 in (9 mm) rotor thickness
Wheels 17x7J Alloy7 x 7 JJ 5-spoke cast alloy wheel
All-Season TiresP215/45R17 87VP215/45R17 Michelin all-season high-performance
Summer Tires215/45ZR17 91W (available) 
Spare TireCompact Spare Tire 
Headroom (in., front )37.837.8 in. (960 mm)
Headroom (in.,  rear)34.734.1 in. (866 mm)
Legroom (in., front )42.643.1 in. (1094 mm)
Legroom (in., front/rear)30.329.2 in. (742 mm)
Shoulder Room (in., front )53.952.6 in. (1337 mm)
Shoulder Room (in.,  rear)52.151.3 in. (1303 mm)
Hiproom (in.,  front)53.051.1 in. (1297 mm)
Hiproom (in.,  rear)49.246.2 in. (1174 mm)
Cargo Volume (cu. ft.)11.516.0cu. ft.
Passenger Volume (cu. ft.)8381.2 cu. ft
Total 97.2 cu. ft.
Seating Capacity5 
Wheelbase (in.)104.3101.2 in. (2570 mm)
Length (in.)174.8172.4 in. (4379.5 mm)
Height (in.)53.554.9 in. (1393.6 mm)
Width (in.)68.967.9 in. (1723.9 mm)
Track (in., front )59.058.5 in. (1487 mm)
Track (in., /rear)60.158.5 in (1486 mm)
Minimum Ground Clearance 5.9 in. (137 mm)
Curb Weight (lbs.)   2886 / --2840 lbs. (1288 kg)
Weight Distribution (%, front/rear, MT)61/3963/37
6-Speed Manual (City/Highway)23/3223 / 31
Crankcase (qt.)5.84.7 U.S. qt. (4.5 L)
Coolant System (qt.)6.75.6 US qt. (5.3 L)
Fuel (gal.)13.213.2 US gal. (50 L)
Required FuelPremium UnleadedPremium Unleaded
Vehicle 4-year / 50,000-mile limited warranty
Powertrain 6-year / 70,000-mile limited warranty
Outer Body Rust-Through 5-year / unlimited-mile limited warranty
Additional coverage Acura Total Luxury Care (TLC) with roadside assistance  4-year / 50,000-mile